Using functional art objects is a way to explore the notion of what is precious. The meaning of the word precious fluctuates between something that is rare and very valuable to something cute or adorable. I think of my work as being pieces of functional whimsy, both designed for utilitarian purpose but enhanced with aesthetic joy and novelty.

My motivation is to bring joy into everyday spaces with pieces of handmade objects for everyday use and enjoyment. I draw inspiration from the ever-changing and endlessly intoxicating elements of nature, from sea to sky, juxtaposed with the clean lines, shapes, and timeless aesthetic of mid-century modern design. 

I love creating fun and energetic pieces of art on the pottery wheel, then altering and decorating each form by hand so that every piece has a dynamic texture, pattern, and color palette. 

Through visual appeal and thoughtful craftsmanship, the end goal is one of reflection of reducing obsolescence. Memorializing essential endangered life forms such as pollinators and oceanic ecosystems reminds the world of their value, and if such life forms are not preserved now, they may become only memories captured in art. Adding in details of real gold harken back to the original definition of what is precious: cherished, too valuable to be wasted, and greatly loved. 


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